Brenda Wiech

Mazeppa, MN


For as long as I can remember, I have wondered about the landscapes that I see. I wonder; what life was like for the individuals who settled this land, built structures, and left their imprint upon this Earth? Life is full of cultural narratives in the artifacts that remain.

My photography provides a function that nothing else can, capturing the veracity of a moment through freezing time, color, space, smell, and sound associated with memory. In other words, I record details and experiences from a deeply personal perspective, a subjective aesthetic rich in metaphor. A truth as opposed to the one and only truth.

It is my belief the only constant thing in life is change. Knowledge of the past and present, along with an open-mindedness to see the broader picture inspires positive change. The camera is my tool to give back to the land. I hope my work inspires forward thinking about imprints upon earth.
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Address:  60083 County Road 71, Mazeppa, MN  55956

Phone:  507.843.4683