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Items pictured may be one of a kind and no longer available. 
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Gary Blom
Byron, MN

Handcrafted Jewelry- Sterling  and Argentium Silver, and Gemstones

Gary's interest in Silversmith and Lapidary work started while wintering in Arizona about 12 years ago, after retirement from IBM. Having lived in Minnesota his entire life, he found it exciting to spend time in a state known for it's large supply of minerals and gem stones.
Gary has more than 50 different gem stones in his inventory from all over the world, many of them are cut and polished by Gary. 

Chatfield, MN

Whimisical Textile & Fabric Art

Kelli started her artistic journey as a little girl and has never stopped. She has a BFA in Advertising & Illustration, but now prefers to work with textiles and fabrics.
She enjoys making patterns, but especially loves using vintage trims & small objects in her pieces. Using new materials, along with vintage items is her trademark and also a way of Upcycling unwanted objects. Kelli enjoys the fun & quiet things that happen when she works with layering textiles.

Some day, she’d like to try graffiti art on a big scale, without getting arrested of course. And a tour of the Marimekko Company in Helsinki is also on her list!

Kim Butters
Rochester, MN

Stained Glass:
Lamps, Panels, and Ornaments

Bringing Your Ideas To Light
Kim's technical and logical mind led her to a career in research. Her fascination with the unique qualities of glass rose to the surface after taking a class in Minneapolis.
Now, designing and creating glass art are a labor of love. Quiet by nature, Kim's delicate craftsmanship and years of experience are revealed in her work.  

Morristown, MN



Gayle Dahl
Byron, MN

Gayle's Website

American Folk Painting & Leather Bracelets

More than likely you will find Gayle working in her rural studio in Byron, MN. She has exhibited in several group shows and solo shows of her own.  Her paintings hang in several private homes throughout the USA and originals also hang in several foreign countries.
American Art History is of great interest to Gayle. She has her own adaptations of fireboards, silent companions, murals, and brides boxes.

Nancy Ellison
Zumbrota, MN

Nancy's Website

Fiber and Textiles:
Weaving, Spinning, Felting

More than 30 years ago she took her first weaving class while in summer school at the University of Oslo, Norway. For the last 20 years she has raised rare breeds of natural colored sheep for her source of wool.  She has been collecting antique Scandinavian spinning wheels, looms, and other textile equipment.
Nancy demonstrates at a wide variety of events and also conducts workshops, classes, and private lessons.

Hayfield, MN

Fiber Art:
Nuno Felted Hats & Scarves

Martha's unique scarves and hats are all one of a kind. They may contain silks, cottons, handspun yarn, mohair locks, and specialty threads. 

Kasson, MN

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Hand-made artwork, jewelry, and other curiosities of the mind.


Rochester, MN

Pointillism and Photography

Creating allows me a time to find and enjoy my full inner peace. It lets me enter my existence and my thoughts and focus my soul. Pointillism, in its purest form, merges my duality of thought - the ability to clearly see the absolute minutia of the point, while also retaining the grand view of the images created by the sum of all points together.

When I create, I become one with the pen and its ink. Applying ink to the paper is my way of communicating my emotions to others. The tiny dots that make the full images are pieces of my heart and soul.
                                 - Stephie Kay

Rochester, MN

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Rochester, MN

"Hand-Pulled" Relief Prints

From his home studio, Leo produces orininal, "hand-pulled" relief prints in limited editions. Leo is a graphic designer by profession. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, and a Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art.
Leo's work is represented in many pricate collections throughout the United States and Europe, and has received many awards for his work.

Zumbrota, MN

Fiber Art  & Beaded Jewelry

The fiber art  pictures are created on a background of wool, or silk with additional layers of wool, silk, beads and specialty threads.

Rochester, MN

Fiber Art  


Kevin & Ginger Post
Zumbrota, MN

Reclaimed Barnwood Furniture

Many of the display tables at Artify were made by Kevin & Ginger, using reclaimed barn wood, and ocassionally the old beams. The wood is paired with iron and steel, tiles and sometimes glass.
Kevin & Ginger incorporate, glass, mosaic tiles, vintage silo doors, barn beams. Each piece is one of a kind, very unique, and is ready to come to your home.

Farmington, MN

Fiber Artist


Rochester, MN

Fiber Artist


Lake City, MN

Weaving With
Wheat & Straw

Beth has been involved with the folk art of wheat weaving since 1980. Her work includes jewelry, traditional wheat weavings, and original straw art designs all of which she enjoys making from the gifts of nature.

Wanamingo, MN

Weaver/Textile Artist


Faribault, MN

Fiber Artist
Accessories with Felt, Feathers and Fabrics


Rochester, MN

Gemstone Jewelry & Knit Accessories


Rochester, MN



Mazeppa, MN