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Artify: A Creative Collective!

Artify offers artists from all over southeastern Minnesota the opportunity to expand their artistic growth, while providing local artists and their allies a place to collaborate creatively. Together, Artify and our members are committed to building and improving our artistic community for the enjoyment of all.
The Gallery is connected to BeeLighted, a working fiber arts studio and store. We have room to include 35-45 member artists in our ever-growing Gallery, where we strive to keep a balance of two-dimensional and three-dimensional art in a variety of mediums.
Artify is located in Historic Downtown Zumbrota, where downtown stores and businesses work together by sharing information about each other with customers, and directing customers to other local stores. Our businesses also collaborate on several special events that bring visitors and shoppers to Zumbrota, such as “Shop The Block” weekend in November.  Artify and its members also hold several special events every year, such as our “Friends and Family” nights.  We are not only ambassadors of creativity, we are also an important part of Zumbrota and SE Minnesota arts and tourism.  

Artify offers three membership levels:  Full Gallery Membership, Supporting Membership, and Patron Membership. Members at all levels are part of a diverse community of artists and art enthusiasts with a network of information, resources, ideas, and inspiration.

ALL Gallery Membership levels receive the following benefits:
●Member’s name, artist bio, and pictures of the Member’s artwork on the Artify website, plus a link to the Member’s personal website, and a listing on the Gallery’s Member Wall
●The opportunity to publicize Member events and exhibits both at Artify’s Gallery and at other locations via Artify’s Facebook page
●Have the option to sell the Member’s artwork on the Artify ETSY site
●Free training to develop or improve the Member’s own ETSY site.
●Priority participation in Seasonal Boutiques and Special Events at the Gallery
●The option to use the Gallery for special events
Artify offers three levels of membership 


This category is for artists who are committed to continually creating, exhibiting and selling their work. Artists who are accepted into the Gallery at this level pay a quarterly fee as determined by the Member’s display space requirements.
Full Gallery Members have several display space options:
●Full Flat Panel Wall Space for 2-dimensional art measuring approximately 4ft wide by 8ft high. $165.00 per quarter (3 months)
●Half Flat Panel Wall Space measuring approximately 4ft. by 4ft or 2ft by 8ft or similar size best suited for work and spaces available. This rate option may be chosen for displaying a smaller selection of 3D pieces that are grouped together in approximately a 2ft. by 1-2ft. area. Example: jewelry, candles, soaps, together on one display shelf. $85.00 per quarter (3 months)
●Full 3-D Space 3-dimensional work (such as pottery, jewelry, sculptures) will be displayed in a space adequate for their medium, as determined by the Gallery Committee, not to exceed 4x8x2. $165.00 per quarter (3 months)
●Combination 2-D /3-D Gallery Space for artists who wish to display both 3-D and 2-D items. Space will be determined by the Gallery and will not exceed 4 x 8 x 2 feet in combination.. $165.00 per quarter (3 months)
●Additional Space can be leased on a month to month basis.  Feel free to ask!


This level is for artists who wish to exhibit a smaller selection of their artwork in the Gallery at Artify. Supporting Membership art will be co-arranged alongside other Supporting Member art in mixed displays.
Supporting Member Artists Display Space
Supporting Member Artists may display both 2-D and 3-D works. The actual number of pieces allowed on display cannot exceed a combined space of 4x4x2 feet. All final decisions regarding space and display options for Supporting Members will be determined by the Gallery Committee.  $105.00 per quarter (3 months)

Patron Membership is available for those who wish to support the arts and Artify. 
Annual fee is  $50.00 (12 months)
  Patron Membership includes the following benefits:
●10% off all purchases in the Gallery and BeeLighted (does not include gift cards)
●Patron Member’s name listed on the Artify Member Wall
●Invitations to special Members Only events and Preview[1] 


All Artify Artist Members must abide by these requirements:
●All work must be original and created by the artist. No kits, strict copies, or commercial (buy and sell) merchandise, unless pre-approved by the Gallery Committee.
●All two-dimensional work must be presented professionally and ready to hang. It is the artist’s responsibility to label all reproductions according to government regulations.
●Materials used in the art must comply with endangered or toxic materials regulations.
●All work must be individually priced (retail) and tagged with the artist’s name.
●Artists are responsible for insuring their own artwork while it is at Artify.
●Artist display fixtures must be approved by the Gallery Committee and be discretely labeled with ownership identification. Artify will not be responsible for any unmarked display items.
To become a member of Artify, artists must submit their work to the Gallery’s Jurying Committee.  Members who are expanding their area of work beyond that for which they were initially juried into the Gallery must also submit works in the new medium to the jury prior to placing the items into the Gallery for sale.
●Our membership year is divided into quarters:  Aug.-Oct., Nov.-Jan.,Feb.-Apr., and May-July. Jurying new work and new artists into the gallery will be done on the first Friday of the last month in each quarter
●Potential members and exhibitors must submit (either in person by appointment, via CD/DVD, or by email in jpeg format) three to five works of original art for review by the Gallery’s Jurying Committee.
●Please clearly label your CD/DVDs or works of art with your name, complete address, telephone number, and current e-mail address.
●If submissions are made digitally, please provide name, title, medium, and the dimensions for each piece. The jury may also request that the artist bring the actual artwork to the Gallery for review after the initial digital submission.
●Once accepted into the Gallery, Member artists will be assigned specific gallery space at the discretion of the Gallery Committee. If an artist’s work is accepted by the Jury, but space is not available at that time, the artist will be put on a waiting list.
●The Gallery Committee’s goal is to maintain a good balance of artistic mediums and styles, and will offer space to wait-listed artists on that basis. Please keep in mind, if you are not accepted, we may have simply had “too many painters” or “too many photographers” at that time, and you are encouraged to apply again to the jury at a later date.
Artify Obligations and Requirements for all Full Gallery & Supporting Members:
Once an artist has been accepted by the jury and paid their quarterly dues, they will be required to meet certain obligations and requirements as a Member of Artify.
●Our membership year is divided into quarters:  Aug.-Oct., Nov.-Jan.,Feb.-Apr. May-July.
●For Budgeting and Financial Purposes for the Gallery, ALL membership contracts are for a minimum of three (3) months (one quarter), and require a one (1) month written resignation notice that MUST be received on or before the first day of the last contract month (meaning, July 1; October 1; January 1; May 1; which is the last possible day to submit a written withdrawal notice each quarter.)  If written notice is not received by that date, this agreement will continue for another quarter, and the Member Artist will be responsible for the next quarter's membership dues. The reason for this notice requirement is that it allows Artify time to search for an artist to replace you in the Gallery, without causing undue financial hardship for the remaining members of Artify.                        _________Artist Initial Here
●If you intend to resign, and give your resignation notice, you will be able to set up a mutually convenient time to remove your artwork from the Gallery._____Artist Initial Here
●Members joining mid-quarter will be charged the prorated amount for the remaining days in that quarter, and are subject to the same resignation notice requirements stated above.
●Membership dues are payable in advance of every quarter and are not refundable. If membership dues are not received by the 5th day of the new quarter, membership will be considered late and a $10.00 late charge will be added. Membership will be considered forfeit and artist work will be placed into storage after the 15th day of the new quarter. Artify is not responsible for work left in storage.                      _________Artist Initial Here
●New members requiring a key must pay a $10.00 key fee. If the key is lost or must be replaced, the $10.00 fee must be paid again.
●Artify uses a barcode sales system. All Members must provide a written inventory list of their artwork when the items are initially brought to the Gallery. This list will stay on file. For each item, the inventory list must include: artwork title and description, artwork type, how many multiples of each item (if applicable), and price for each item. Items must be entered  into the barcode system before they can be placed on the Gallery floor for sale.
●Artists are expected to clean and restock their own space in the Gallery. We would like artists to bring in at least one new piece a month. Eventually, we might rotate sections of the Gallery on a quarterly basis to keep it new and exciting, but each Member’s artwork items will remain displayed together at all times, with the exception of Supporting Members’ works, as stated above, or integrated into displays with the Member Artist’s approval.
●Members are required to provide their own insurance for their artwork in the Gallery.
Required “Artist on Duty” Gallery Shifts
This is important, because no one sells your art better than you, the actual artist!  We have a quarterly shift schedule available online at the Artify Google Calendar, and behind the counter in the Gallery.
●All Members are required to commit to cover one (1) shift of  five (5) hours per month in the Gallery.
●Artists must show up for their scheduled shifts, or make arrangements in advance for another artist to cover the shift. 
●If it is possible for the Artist on Duty to create or work on art while in the gallery, that would be warmly welcomed, as it will make our gallery unique and a fun place to be for our customers and other artists.  ______Artist Initial Here
●Member Artists who are unable to work their required 5 Gallery hours per month must either 1) contract with another Artist Member to cover their shift; OR 2) will be subject to a 35% commission on all sales made during that month. _____Artist Initial Here
Sales and Volunteering/Commission Terms for All Membership Levels
●Artists will be paid for work sold each month within 10 days of the end of the month.
●Artify Gallery will retain a 20% sales commission on all sales IF the Artist Member works 5 or more Gallery Hours per month.   _______ (Member Artist Intitial Here)
●Artify Gallery will a retain 35% sales commission on all sales made  if the Artist Member does NOT work 5 or more Gallery Hours per month. _______ (Member Artist Intitial Here)
●Artify, and not the individual artists, will be responsible for the 10% discount on Patron Membership purchases.
●If the artist chooses to give a discount or special rate to a friend or family, the gallery will take its commission based on the actual sale price.
●Artists are responsible for reporting their own sales for income tax purposes. Artify will collect and pay all appropriate sales tax on behalf of the artist for all sales made through Artify.
Closing Statement
This is an updated agreement created from observations of the past sixteen months and after conversations from artist members. It supersedes any previous agreement. It is intended to give members more options while protecting the management and financial stability of Artify as a business. We are also committed to being an asset to members and to the community.
Artify is very grateful for each and every one who has been part of the first year. Some have stayed, some have gone allowing room for others to take their places. Thank you for your interest in being a Gallery or Supporting artist member, or a Patron member. You and your work will be given the same considerate care as any other member, and we welcome the chance to share your art with our customers. We also look forward to getting to know you better and introducing you to other members of the gallery.
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