Terri Bergstrom

Austin,  Minnesota

Cairns, Gemstones and Jewelry

I am so proud to call Minnesota my home. Our state is full of such beauty! Beginning in childhood, as a family we would do the familiar “Up North” trips each summer, and it was then that my love for stones began. Drawn to the North Shore in particular, I spend hours admiring and sifting through the rocks along the shoreline. 
It was in 2014 that I received the inspiration to create with nature’s gifts of stones, and began by shaping the “Cairns” or Rock Stacks. Because my awareness of stones of all kinds have grown, especially through my career as a Massage Therapist and Bodyworker (truly my first artistic endeavor), I found myself drawn to gemstones as well, as they were being used in the health and healing world because of the qualities and energy they generate. I then started to design jewelry pieces incorporating gemstones and various metals and wire as well. The stones that I use as a base to create my one-of- a-kind pieces are primarily from Lake Superior. I have started to expand my travels to include other MN lake stones as well and am excited to continue exploring and expanding the possibilities of creating these pieces, truly inspired by nature’s bounty! I sincerely hope you enjoy the piece that has chosen you!
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